A Super Easy Way to Install and Use Skype on Linux

How’s going on, do you know that Microsft has released the official Skype app for Linux user. So you no longer need to use the web version of Skype or any third party Skype client to install Skype for Ubuntu and use it unsafely. Microsft is the tech giant company which gives lots of contribution to the industry but Microsoft now makes the contribution for Linux community yeah you read it right.

Skype the widely popular communication app available for every platform like Android, iOS & obviously Windows 😀 Skype allows users to communicate over the internet by voice call and video call. Skype is important and must have app for the peoples doing business or various meetings. The reason why everyone using Skype. because its old and out of the box. So If you’re a Linux user and want to use Skype in a SECURE WAY!!!! then Snapcraft made possible for you.

Snaps are the packages of the app that made for the various Linux distributions, It containerized software packages that are easy to make and install on your Linux machine. If you’re using Snap then you no need to worry about the updates of the apps, because this will do for your and safe to run. And the best thing about Snaps that they are work on all major Linux Distributions like Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, Majaro, Solus and others supporting Snaps without modification.

So Skype just turned also to Snaps just like Spotify and Slack turned earlier. Now you can use Skype on Ubuntu and it will update automatically itself when new version will release, so that’s the advantage of using Skype via Snaps, Umm actually I should call Skype Snaps 😛

Even you can roll back to the previous version with Snaps if it contains any bugs or it is bit unstable so you can revert back to previous working version.

Canonical says that “The new version of Skype in the package of Snap will work natively and smoothly on any Linux OS running snapd. So it’s the good news for all Linux users now Skype will be used by millions of Linux users across the world. There’s another good news that official Skype Snap is now maintained by Skype itself.

Skype Team says “We want to be able to deliver the same high-quality experience on Linux as we do on other platforms. Snaps allow us to do just that, by giving us the ability to push the latest features straight to our users, no matter what device or distribution they happen to use”

How to Install Skype on Ubuntu Linux

You can find some Skype clients which are recommended to use when Microsoft finally released the official Skype Snap app. So here is the easy way to install Skype on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS because it’s highly recommended to use Long Term Support OS but you can use any Distro of your choice.

Just open your Terminal and run the following command

sudo snap install skype –classic

This command installs the Snapd, some Linux doesn’t come with pre-installed Snapd like Linux Mint so install it first.

sudo apt install snapd

So now the Skype should succesfully installed on your system open and login with your existing account if don’t have then create a new one.

Or you can install the new Skype app without the terminal.

  • Just open Ubuntu Software Center and search for “Skype”
  • and find the official Skype Snap form the list
  • Then click on “Install”

Hurray, you’ve installed Skype on Ubuntu within a few minutes.

If you have your opinions regarding this new Skype Snap app then share with us in comments and if you liked this new app then share this page with your Linux buddies, and stay connected for more Linux stuff.