Best Linux Distro For Programming & Developers (2019 Edition)

We all know that Windows is the most usable Operating system in the world. When it comes to development many programmers need a suitable programming environment without using other cliche things, but some of the developers use Windows and to get most of it. In the case of maximum majority developers and the programmers are using the Apple MacBooks for coding purpose but that one is a bit expensive. So what should a programmer use? Which one should be cheap or free and that could help in increasing the productivity and get the work done easily of the developer. The peoples often use Linux based operating system. You usually heard that Linux is just made for the cloud and other small tasks if you think this then believe me you’re missing the power of Open-Source. I mean you can get the most out of it. Yes! from Linux!! So today we’re going to list some best Linux distro for Programming and Developers.

The current Linus Distros are giving the same features, stability, and flexibility as the other big OS giving like Windows, Android, and macOS. Now come back to the main question, “which is the best OS for the Programming and Developers”? Well, I already told that macOS is the best, but it is expensive, on the other hand, Windows is not that much giving the feel of the Programming environment. So what’s left? Linux!! Yes, Linux may also be the choice for the programming purpose. Programmers major concern while selecting an OS for their work is compatibility, flexibility, built-in programming apps, and stability. The Linux OS provides these things. Distros like Ubuntu, OpenSuse, and others are the best for the Programming and developers. Why the Linux is best for Programmers, cause it’s free of cost, not just only for programmer anyone starts using or migrate to Linux without any hesitation the installation process is easy as Windows. If you’re a newbie developer and thinking to out Linux, then we recommend you to start your Programming journey with Ubuntu. Here we’ve already written the installation guide for Ubuntu 18.10. Try once you love it

Best Linux Distro For Programming and Developers

Here we’ve discussed why Linux is good for the programmer and why it is a great idea to go with Linux if you’re into Coding and programming. As being a Web developer, I’m also using Ubuntu and using the Visual Studio Code. Even this site TechPixar, we handle everything from Linux like from SSH access to FTP and editing design to make graphics in Gimp, everything we do in Linux, and it’d never disappointed us 🙂

So now you got an idea that Linux for the programming purpose, but which Linux? There’s a hell lot of Linux Distribution available from different vendors.

That’s why we wrote this article to help you to choose a good distribution for your programming work.

But before we go to the list, here’s a simple rule to remember: there’s nothing best for everyone, everyone has different taste. Similarly, there is no best Linux distro, but there IS a best Linux distro for me and a best Linux is the distro for Programming, and it’s not necessary it will be the best for every programmer. So without further do, Let’s pick for you a best Linux Distro for programming.

1. Debian


Debian is referred to as the father of the Linux Operating System. No doubt Debian is the best Linux distro for the Programmers and Developers. The Debian is the base of the all Debian based Linux Distributions, means the distros which are using the .deb package are the based on Debian. Why Debian is the best Linux distro for programming because it provided a large number of the package which is guaranteed and offers the stability and efficiency to get a better experience at whatever you’re doing. If you’re new to Linux and you’re not into technical stuff, then you need to get familiar with the Debian, but before it, you should try the Ubuntu for its simplicity and great UI.

Download & Install Debian


2. Ubuntu




Thanks to the Canonical and the OpenSource Community for giving us the such an excellent Linux distro Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the most famous Linux operating system, and its user base is so vast as compared to other distributions. Ubuntu is known for its Long Term Support, thanks to Canonical who release the LTS version after two years of its version and this support is for the five years. Ubuntu is suitable for development and other purposes.

Ubuntu is also powering the other Linux distros like elementaryOS it also has many flavours comes with the different desktop environment. The reason behind the popularity of Ubuntu is also that it powered the Cloud and server applications. Most of the websites’ server have installed Ubuntu Operating System. It’s not that’s it, and Ubuntu has its own Software Center which is just like the app store of every other operating system.’ If you want to try the Ubuntu for your Programming environment as it is best Linux OS for developers so you can install it alongside on Windows 10 if you use Adobe softwares that are not available on the Linux OS.

Download & Install Ubuntu


3. openSUSE


openSUSE is the another Programming Linux Distro which is quite interesting than others. It is a very stable OS for the development purpose. openSUSE comes with the two versions, Leap and Tumbleweed. The openSUSE is known for its YaST package management which makes it easy to automate the different task, which results into the faster processor and as we all know every programmer want the rapid software development, so openSUSE makes it happen.

It has tons of packages with various repositories. When I used it for the very first time, I fell in love with its stability, and it works flawlessly.

Download & Install openSUSE


4. Arch Linux

Arch Linux

Arch is Linux is my favourite Linux distro after the Ubuntu. Trust me this is the most popular OS among the Linux Freak like me ;P this is the helpful Linux distro for the programming and developing purposes. Its community is so vast that works and release something new and useful so you’ll get it and that won’t make you feel bored with this distro.

Arch Linux is the highly customizable Linux distro. You can create and set it up according to our need. You need to start from scratch after the installation and choose the component that would like to use and build your customized operating system

Download & Install Arch Linux


5. Fedora


When it comes to the old-school Linux flavour, Fedora is that one. The Fedora is mainly for the open source lovers, and it offers the open source components and packages which makes its the perfect choice for ordinary users as well as the programmers. Just like the openSUSE Fedora is also the highly stable best Linux distro.

It supports all Hardware old and new. Linus Torvalds who created the Linux Kernel, Fedora is also his first choice before Ubuntu, Debian or anything else. The Fedora provides the best out of the box features for the developers, so it would be a great choice if you want to try Fedora!

Download & Install Fedora


6. SemiCode OS

SemiCode OS

SemiCode was the Special Linux distribution specially developed for the Programmer and the Web Developers. The SemiCode Linux was based on Ubuntu and using the Unity DE, but unfortunately, it has been discontinued for some reasons.

You might be thinking when it is no longer active, why I’d mentioned this distro in this list, well you’re right it shouldn’t be here, but keep in mind that everything in world that exist for a reason so there’s nothing to lose if you’d know that once there’s a Linux which was specially released for the web developers, just for knowledge purpose 🙂

It comes with the pre-installed application that is need of every programmer like it comes with built-in IDEs, different compilers, utilities, and useful tools for the programming and development purpose. Semicode official website has also been shut down if you still want to try the SemiCode OS. It’s still available on SourceForge.

Try SemiCode OS


7. Raspbian

Raspbian OS

If you want to build a minicomputer for the programming purpose that r several IDE and other programming tools, then you should use a Rasberry Pi. It costs extremely low.

The Raspbian is the proper OS for the Raspberry Pi computers that come with the tons of programming utilities, and excellent stability that can help to learn the basics of coding. DIY is the good hobby but it will become more interesting when you about to start something like programming and you’re getting ready its component by yourself (Raspberry Pi).

If you wish to learn to code and don’t have the Laptop at that moment, then you can build your mini computer install Raspbian and start learning.

Download & Install Raspbian


8. Manjaro



Manjaro is the Arch base Linux distro. Majaro is for those for who can’t use Arch Linux. If you want to use the Arch-based OS environment and don’t want to take care much about updating and building component for the OS, then you can use the Majaro. It also uses the same kernel one that Arch Linux use. It comes with the many editions and community editions. the KDE version is the first edition if the Majaro.UI is excellent and easy to use and it also easy to install just like Ubuntu.

The Manjaro development team has been doing a pretty good job with each release they are polishing its feature that gives you better for every single update. Being an Arch based distro, Manjaor has the excellent stability and comes with many preinstalled application like File manager, Package manager, Web browser and much more.No doubt Manjaro is the best Programming Linux Distro and useful for coders and the regular users.

Download & Install Manjaro

There are some other Arch base distros like Antergos you can also try it or Google it for more Arch base Linux Distros

9. CentOS


CentOS is the Fedora-based distro, and it comes with the long term support. It’s the community version of the Red Hat. The installation process of the CentOS is almost like Fedora.

It provides the vast Red Hat software collection and its useful repositories for a package that could be helpful for every programmer. It is the stable Linux distro, and it also supports the sign of Xen Virtualization for the software development purpose, and It uses the YUM for package management.

Download & Install CentOS


10. Gentoo


Gentoo is a bit complex distro. It needs some things that you need to do by yourself. In Gentoo, you can build your system according to your CPU architecture. It can configure what compilation flags packages should support.

Gentoo is for the professional developer. Gentpp is not for the newcomers’ developers as it needs some configuration to do by your side. Gentoo is a bit also hard to set up and installs on your computer. Only Linux enthusiasts can understand Gentoo better.

If you’re an expert and love to do new things with complicacy, then you can try the Gentoo is also a good choice for the programming and Development purposes.

Download & Install Gentoo



So you got the list, and you got it, what are the best Linux distro for programming. Now you need to make a choice, or you can try all of them once a week or month. Any Linux distribution can be a best Linux OS for developers, but the above list has some more polished packed with a useful application that is useful for the coders. So let us know which one you’re going to install first and also share which Linux distro is your favourite for that you use for any purpose. Don’t forget to share this post with your Linux freaks friends and subscribe this Linux blog for more interesting Linux articles.